All of the nursery’s welfare and educational activities follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which is the statutory governing document for childcare providers.
The seven areas of learning as outlined in the EYFS are:

1. Communication and Language

2. Physical development

3. Personal Social & Emotional

4. Literacy

5. Mathematics

6. Understanding the world

7. Expressive Arts & Design

At Tick Tock we use free-flow play and help to develop childrens' confidence by encouraging them to choose the activities they want to engage in. However, we also initiate adult-led activities to provide a supported framework for learning. These particular activities enable children to gain knowledge and understanding of life topics and skills through exploration and play that they would not necessarily initiate themselves.

Regular inspections by OFSTED ensure we meet (or indeed exceed) the requirements of the EYFS, the Local Education Authority and Health Authorities. Parents and carers are invited to view any of our inspection reports for reassurance and certificates are displayed on our internal notice board.

You are welcome to download our 2013 Ofsted Report from Here

We encourage caring attitudes and support understanding of morals and social skills with our children through positive language and rewarding those that demonstrate good behaviour.


All staff at Tick Tock believe in leading by example. We encourage caring attitudes and support understanding of morals and social skills with positive language and the reward of good behaviour.
Values such as respect for others, property, surroundings and facilities and skills such as selfdiscipline and independence with a considerate and caring attitude are acknowledged and positively praised.